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Forensic Engineering


We offer forensic electrical engineering, consulting, and technical services relative to electrical/mechanical system failures, safety, efficiency and optimization. Our professional failure analysis and investigations involve electrical products and electrical equipment in residential, industrial, and commercial distribution systems, including workers comp and liability studies. We also provide professionally licensed power studies; including arc flash hazard assessments and mitigation. We work closely with insurance adjusters and litigation departments in cases involving liability and subrogation potential. We offer on-site forensic electrical and safety educational classes.

Services Include

  • Electrical and Mechanical Appliance Failure Analysis
  • Control Process Failure Analysis (Chemical Plants, Pharmaceutical, Environmental, Waste Water Plants, etc.).
  • Arc Flash Hazard Analysis
  • Arc Mapping
  • Short Circuit & Coordination Analysis
  • Low Voltage, Medium Voltage(1kV-38kV) & High Voltage Analysis (38kV+)
  • Lightning & Electrocution investigation
  • Telecommunication & Computer System Failure Analysis
  • Electrical Distribution System Failures

Electrical Analysis
  • National Electrical Code Violation Analysis
  • Workers’ Compensation Claims
  • Defense, Subrogation, & Liability Analysis
  • Automotive Failure Analysis
  • Industrial, Utility, Commercial & Residential Examinations
  • Fire & Explosions Analysis
  • Safety & Forensic Seminars
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Product Liability

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